The Pol-Best bracket is made of two elements that are dependent on each other. It is a threaded pipe of 150mm length with a base and a hook. We used
TARNAMID for their production. Features of this raw material make our grips non-flammable, have high impact resistance, high damping of mechanical
vibrations, good fatigue strength, adequate stiffness and hardness, high abrasion resistance, good electro-insulating properties, self-extinguishing

Technical specification

Dimensions of the threaded rod (Φ x height): 28mm x 150 mm 
Dimensions of the hitch (Φ x height): 60,4 mm x 32 mm
Adjustment range from the surface: 25 mm
Material: TARNAMID T27 MCS V0
Diameter of the screws: min. 3,9 mm
Diameter of the screw head: min. 9,3 mm
Type of screw head: flat